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Keeping Your Vehicle in Good Condition When Not in Use in Chicago, IL

Keeping Your Vehicle in Good Condition When Not in Use in Chicago, IL

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When you face the seeming inconvenience of having to keep your car parked for a particular period of time, you may feel as though you don’t know how to optimize its care. Don’t worry, we at Evergreen Kia can help. Talk with us today.


If you know your vehicle will only be stored for a short time, there are still proactive steps you can take to ensure its wellbeing. To begin, make sure you’re not keeping the parking brake on. Doing so could cause it to jam up against the wheels, making it much more difficult to get the vehicle going once it’s ready to be taken out on the road again. Instead, use wheel chocks or place the vehicle atop jack stands. To make sure your mechanical parts are well-suited and ready for eventual use, don’t forget to take your automobile out for a 10 to 15-minute drive once or twice a week. This will not only help keep your tires from degrading, but also ensures that your engine remains lubricated.

Long-Term Solution

When the goal is to keep your auto stored for a longer time period, there are separate yet still effective measures you can take. Keep in mind that the positioning of your car plays an important role.  If located underneath a tree, it’s possible that sap may fall onto the vehicle. Or, if you have your ride next to small objects – such as toys – a strong wind could threaten to cause dings and dents. Placing the vehicle indoors is therefore an ideal solution. In the absence of such an opportunity, covering your automobile with a tarp is also worthwhile. After time has passed and you’re ready to take the automobile out again, look underneath your vehicle and near the wiring to make sure no small creatures or rodents have found a way inside. Stop by our Service Department to ask questions.

Service Department

Here at Evergreen Kia, the technicians we employ and services we offer will help keep your vehicle on the go for the long haul. You can contact us today to schedule an appointment and find a time to come into our dealership which works with your schedule. Or, for that side project you’re working on, utilize our Ask a Tech item that will get you in touch with one of our technicians. The Vehicle Recall Request form allows you to gather information regarding your vehicle’s mechanical and ownership history. Certainly not least of all, a number of procedures ranging from brake pad replacements to tire rotations can be completed at a discount price thanks to our Service Specials.

Through Evergreen Kia, you can obtain knowledge for keeping your vehicle in good condition when not in use in Chicago, IL. Stop by Evergreen Kia during open hours to learn more today.

How Can I Keep My Vehicle in Good Condition When It's Not Being Used? 

  • Take off parking brake and place automobile upon jack stands
  • Check underneath automobile to make sure small creatures are absent
  • Speak with our Service Department to ensure proper maintenance 

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Bennie Taylor
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I want to thank both Bennie Taylor and Myself for their straightforward and pleasant purchase experience. Thank you for being flexible and adapting to the challenges we’re presented at the moment. It’s greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you and the Evergreen Kia team in the future.

Thank you!

Jannette H.
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Evergreen Kia's service dept and Bryan are awesome. They fixed an unusual AC issue with my 2017 Kia Sportage and then did factory maintenance without being asked and for free. Thanks, Evergreen Kia!

Excellent customer service!!

A Macon
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Had to be towed for repairs. Another Kia dealer was closer but when I called they were so cold and told me they weren't sure when they could get to me. Called Evergreen KIA was greeted by a voice with a smile. Once I arrived everyone was professional and polite. They assessed the problem, explain the cost and I was in and out. Thank you Evergreen KIA

"Lifetime Customer"

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Didn't think I would be able to actually walk out with a new vehicle, Gary and Matt helped me achieve that. They got me just what I wanted within my budget. Was there for only an hour. They are really genuine! If you need a vehicle within your budget go see Gary and Matt they can get you what you want! I highly recommend.. Thank you!

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I bought my first car the other day and I'm so excited. Everyone was so nice and helpful! Keep up the good work guys!

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Have purchased two cars from them. Each time was actually pleasant. I hate buying cars. The best part was the paperwork was done in about ten min, not two hours like normal Left the dealership both times feeling like I received a great deal I have used their service dept as well. Rick communicated extremely well. Let me know what was going on each step of the way. Highest recommendation

"Love this dealership"

Kim p
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Staff was very helpful. Service department knowledgeable, and quick to assist . Have recommended 5 other people to purchase a car at Kia of Evergreen. I look forward to my next visit. And will encourage anyone looking to buy a car go to Kia of Evergreen. You get much more for the money.

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I was so satisfied with my sales associate Brian Binder,I knew I was getting the car before I came in,Brian let me know before I sit all day and waste my time,he was one of the nicest people there,so my experience was excellant with evergreen Kia.I gotta go by and treat Brian to lunch "thanks"

"wonderful experience great service"

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Great Service friendly people very helpful great deals I recommend everyone to try Evergreen Kia for all auto service needs. Reply to all there surveys with ten please.

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